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Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever thought about having a cosmetic surgery in LA? If you are thinking of having done a cosmetic surgery on you, you should see various medical doctors and plastic surgeons in order to find out all about this plastic surgery procedure and if it is right for you. A crucial part of the operation is the consultation phase. During this phase you need to have extensive contact with the plastic surgeon that will eventually sculpt your new face or other body part, and you need to ask quite a lot of questions. You will need to find out about each aspect of your surgical procedure so that you are fully prepared for it. You cannot ask too many questions!

First, ask your doctor to give you a timeline. It is not so much about particular dates when you will have the surgery. What you must speak about is how long the operation will take, how many days you will need to recover, and when and how many times you have to come to the surgeon’s office before the plastic surgery and after the surgery. If you are not from LA or living in the area then this will be an important cost factor. You may otherwise find a plastic surgeon in your home city to keep the travel costs down.  Most doctors will want you to come in before the procedure several times to carefully plan out specifically and precisely what will be done. After the surgical procedure, and depending on the type of operation and how long it takes, you will need at the least a week to recover. For very deep procedures the recovery time will likely be longer. Doctors usually like at least one check up to make sure everything went okay, and after that it will be up to the surgeon and the type of plastic surgery. It is important to ask about this sort of timeline in order for you to know when you will be able to return to work and when you have to schedule visits to the surgeon’s clinic.

You should also ask about the pain involved with the particular operations. For some any pain can be troublesome, however, certain procedures are more painful than others. If you are apprehensive about pain, ask your doctor what can be done to reduce the pain and if you need prescription drugs or analgesics to handle the pain. Check with your health insurer to see if the costs are covered.

One other good question to ask, and almost the most important one, is how you will look after the plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeons have computer systems that can show you a picture of the progress and the before and after looks.

cosmetic surgery before and after

cosmetic surgery before and after

The plastic surgeon will take a photograph of your body and the body part that will be changed, and then the plastic surgeon will manipulate the picture with the help of a computer. This is ideal for you to see what the adjustments will do to you.

Make sure to ask all your questions during the pre-consultation phase. After you went through all those important questions, check about the specific dates when you can have the surgery done and of course also about how much it will cost. Write down all the answers you received from the various plastic surgeons, check the credentials of the plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and the other cities that you are considering for the operation so that you can compare and analyze them at home to choose the best plastic surgeon for you.

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